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Courage and Confidence Coaching

With all that you are, you are enough

To support you live your life more courageously and unlock your true potential in the way that matters to you.


Being true to oneself and being who we are can be very challenging at times. 

I truly believe that doing so brings us a step closer to understanding our values, purpose and passion in life and live life more consciously. As a life coach, my passion is to walk beside you through these challenging times and help you take the courageous step towards the life you want.

Courage and awareness heart message

If you feel

You have lost your way or feel stuck in a certain aspect of life and really want to change something but don’t know how or even what, then please don’t give up. Maybe, all you need is to feel supported. I would love to be your coach and together we can explore the different paths ahead of you until you find the one, a change, that makes you smile from within.

The answers lie within you. You need not be ready, just willing.

Working together means

Free discovery session

To get to know each other

Maximum of 2 sessions per week

To help you get through difficult times

60 minutes per session

So there is no time pressure

Average of 6-9 sessions

Depending on the objective

Online and/or face to face meetings

Where you feel most comfortable with

A walk afterwards

Optional, for days when you feel un-nerved by the session

With me as your life coach and support system, we will explore your challenges together. I will listen, share your burden and together, we will shine a light on ways to make you feel free and unlock the door to the next part of your life.

About me

My life’s passion is to help as many people as possible in my lifetime, to have better quality of life. For almost 15 years of my life, I did this through being in research as a PhD student and then a postdoctoral fellow, working on diseases affecting developing countries. However, over the past few years, I realized that, although my purpose to serve stayed the same, my way of getting there had changed. I wanted to become a life coach and support people by focusing on their emotional and mental well-being.

Sameera Life Coaching

Success stories

The prison is in your mind. The key is in your pocket. – Edith Eger