Sameera Patel – Courage and Confidence Coaching in Nijmegen

My Story

Quite early in my life, I realized how important it was, for me and my well-being, to be who I am and show up as I am. Checking in with how I am feeling when I speak or act upon something helped me understand myself better and discover the values that I hold close to my heart. Not only did this way of looking within for happiness, acceptance and approval bring me more peace but it also helped me create deeper connection with people around me and find my purpose in life.

My life’s mission is to help as many people as possible in my lifetime, to have better quality of life.

For almost 15 years of my life, I did this through being in research as a PhD student and then a postdoctoral fellow, working on diseases affecting developing countries. As a researcher, I have gone through the emotional and mental hurdles, the self-doubt, the “not good enough” feelings that one goes through from time to time. Being away from home (India) and people I love, I also experienced the hardships of uprooting myself, starting somewhere new and creating a home, over and over again. 

Connecting to my inner self, my truth and my purpose was what helped me get through these moments.

However, over the past few years, I realized that, although my purpose to serve stayed the same, my way of getting there had changed. I wanted to become a life coach and support people by focusing on their emotional and mental well-being.

In the beginning, I felt scared and uncomfortable with taking a very different path and not knowing where it will lead but I chose to become comfortable with discomfort, accept my fears, accept that something needs to change in my life and do what I believe holds true for me. I am really happy for taking that brave step. I feel that accepting my truth has given me more energy and strength to push through the uncertain times and made me feel confident that I am on the right path. 

Every single one of us matters and acknowledging each other’s existence and showing love and acceptance is what makes life so much more fun.

Reading books, smelling flowers (I know it sounds weird), gardening, dancing, cooking, playing with my kittens (Aara & Simba), pampering my husband, talking to my family, having dinner with my girlfriends.

Praying in the morning, showing gratitude, sipping on a warm drink meditatively, yoga, eating delicious food and enjoying the sunshine mixed with rain (Dutch weather ;))

My intention is to help you do the same, stay honest with yourself, get out of your comfort zone, live more consciously and move towards your dreams.

Showing Gratitude

Supporting others have a better quality of life and reach their truest potential is at the heart of my coaching which is why I like to support organizations involved in educating and providing opportunity to the people who would not be able to do it otherwise. So, 10% of my earnings are donated to different charitable organisations around the world.

holding heart in your hand

For there is always light, only if we are brave enough to see it and only if we are brave enough to be it. – Amanda Gorman